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Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Information
CSN23132 SR8278 1254944-66-5 SR8278 is a rev-erbα antagonist. It inhibits Rev-Erbα transcriptional repression (EC50 = 0.47 μM) and blocks activity of Rev-Erbα agonist GSK 4112 in HEK293 cells. SR8278 increases expression of glucose-regulating genes, G6Pase and PEPCK in HepG2 cells.
CSN26216 SR10067 1380548-02-6 SR10067 is a potent, selective and brain penetrant Rev-Erbα/β agonist, with IC50 values are 160 and 170 nM for Rev-Erbβ and Rev-Erbα, respectively.
CSN17576 GSK4112   1216744-19-2 GSK4112 is an agonist of Rev-erb with EC50 of 04 M and it can be designed to mimic the action of heme
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