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CAS No.: 18550-98-6

(E)-3PO Catalog No. CSN13880

Synonyms: (E)-3-PO

(E)-3PO is a small-molecule inhibitor of the PFKFB3 isozyme, 3PO markedly attenuates the proliferation of several human malignant hematopoietic and adenocarcinoma cell lines (IC50, 1.4-24 M) which target PFKFB3 isozyme. 3PO inhibits recombinant PFKFB3 activity, suppresses glucose uptake, and decreases the intracellular concentration of Fru-2,6-BP, lactate, ATP, NAD, and NADH in vitro.

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Technical Information

CAS No. 18550-98-6 Storage
Formula C13H10N2O Shipping Blue ice
M.W. 210.23 Synonyms (E)-3-PO

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