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Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Information
CSN12435 Tanshinone I 568-73-0 Tanshinone I, an active principle isolated from the roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen), is an inhibitor of type IIA human recombinant sPLA2 and rabbit recombinant cPLA2 with IC50s of 11 μM and 82 μM, respectively, is structurally similar to tanshinone IIA and may possess similar cytotoxic effects on tumor cells. Tanshinone I showed inhibitory effect on PL(pro) with IC50 value of 8.8μM and less inhibitory effect on 3CLpro with IC50 value of 38.7μM.
CSN19410 Tanshinone IIA 568-72-9 Tanshinone IIA is a naturally occuring cardioprotective agent which can inhibit NF-κB and AP-1 DNA binding and display antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Tanshinone IIA showed inhibitory effect on PL(pro) with IC50 value of 1.6μM and less inhibitory effect on 3CLpro with IC50 value of 89.1μM.
CSN21002 Isophorone 78-59-1 Isophorone is an α,β-unsaturated cyclic ketone.
CSN20814 Octyl acetate 112-14-1 Octyl acetate is a compound found in citrus oils.
CSN11778 Procyanidin B1 20315-25-7 Procyanidin B1, a natrual product isolated and prufied from the fruits of Vitis vinifera L., inhibits infection by vesicular stomatitis virus and HCV pseudotype virus in Huh-7 cells, with IC50 of 29M and 15M, respectively.
CSN29519 Isoeugenol acetate 93-29-8 Isoeugenol acetate, an essential oil constituent of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon.
CSN20877 Dihydrotanshinone 20958-18-3 Dihydrotanshinone is extracted from the traditional chinese medicine salvia miltiorrhiza and is shown to inhibit several types of cancer.
CSN11664 Pectolinarin 28978-02-1 Pectolinarigenin, a natural product isolated and purified from the herbs of Cirsium japonicum DC., possesses hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory activity.
CSN20914 Sodium usnate 34769-44-3 Sodium usnate, an antibiotic from lichens, is effective against the corynebacterium michiganense, tomato canker pathogen, but not against various gram negative phytopathogenic bacteria.
CSN20879 5,7-Dimethoxyflavone 21392-57-4 5,7-Dimethoxyflavone has moderate activity against trypanosoma brucei.

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