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The Matrix-2 (M2) protein is a proton-selective viroporin, integral in the viral envelope of the influenza A virus. The channel itself is a homotetramer (consists of four identical M2 units), where the units are helices stabilized by two disulfide bonds, and is activated by low pH. The M2 protein is encoded on the seventh RNA segment together with the M1 protein. Proton conductance by the M2 protein in influenza A is essential for viral replication.

M2 proton channel

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Information
CSN25422 4,4-Pentamethylenepiperidine HCl 1125-01-5 M2 proton channel blocker (IC50 = 0.92 μM). Inhibits influenza virus M2 protein (AM2).
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