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K-Ras (G12C)/PROTAC refers to the PROTAC target K-Ras (G12C).


Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Information
CSN28451 PROTAC K-Ras Degrader-1 2378258-52-5 PROTAC K-Ras Degrader-1 (Compound 518) is a PROTAC targeting on K-Ras and exhibits ≥70% degradation efficacy in SW1573 cells.
CSN27182 LC-2 2502156-03-6 LC-2 is the first PROTAC capable of degrading endogenous KRAS(G12C). It covalently binds KRASG12C with a MRTX849 warhead and recruits the E3 ligase VHL, inducing rapid and sustained KRASG12C degradation leading to suppression of MAPK signaling in both homozygous and heterozygous KRASG12C cell lines.
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