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Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Information
CSN10317 Anisomycin 22862-76-6 Anisomycin is a naturally occuring antibiotic which can act as a potent activator of stress-activated protein kinases (JNKSAPK) and p38 MAPK, and also can inhibit protein synthesis by blocking translation.
CSN12726 Etravirine 269055-15-4 Etravirine is an inhibitor of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase used to treat HIV.
CSN13587 Ritonavir 155213-67-5 Ritonavir is both an HIV protease inhibitor and a Cytochrome P450 3A inhibitor.
CSN11514 Nalidixic Acid 389-08-2 Nalidixic acid, synthetic 1,8-naphthyridine, is a spectrum antimicrobial agent.
CSN16297 Cabotegravir 1051375-10-0 Cabotegravir is a potent HIV integrase inhibitor as an oral lead-in tablet and long-acting injectable for the treatment and prevention of HIV infection. Cabotegravir is an inhibitor of OAT1 (IC50 0.81 M) and OAT3 (IC50 0.41 M).
CSN13497 Dolutegravir 1051375-16-6 Dolutegravir is an integrase inhibitor (IC50 2.7 nM), modest activity against raltegravir-resistant signature mutants Y143R, Q148K, N155H, and G140SQ148H.
CSN12254 Raltegravir Potassium 871038-72-1 Raltegravir Potassium is an HIV integrase strand transfer inhibitor which acts as the first of the class of antiviral agents active against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
CSN10393 Nitroxoline 4008-48-4 Nitroxoline is an antibiotic towards gram negative bacilli and can to treat the urinary tract infections.
CSN18757 Dideoxycytidine 7481-89-2 Dideoxycytidine, an analog of pyrimidine, is a nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI) with antiretroviral activity.
CSN16100 Pefloxacin Mesylate Dihydrate 149676-40-4 Pefloxacin mesylate, antibacterial agent, can prevent bacterial DNA replication via inhibiting DNA gyrase or topoisomerse.
CSN12955 Elvitegravir 697761-98-1 Elvitegravir is a quinolinemonocarboxylic-acid HIV-1 integrase strand transfer inhibitor used to treat HIV infection. It is also a cytochrome P450 2C9 inducer.
CSN10349 Atazanavir 198904-31-3 Atazanavir is a protease inhibitor used as an antiretroviral medication to treat and prevent HIVAIDS.
CSN10187 Tenofovir Hydrate 206184-49-8 Tenofovir is a nucleotide analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) which reduces the viral cytopathic effect of HIV-1 (IIIB), HIV-2(ROD) with EC50 of 1.15 gml and 1.12 gml.
CSN16134 Peramivir Trihydrate 1041434-82-5 Peramivir Trihydrate is a novel cyclopentane neuraminidase inhibitor of influenza virus, used to treat acute symptomatic influenza A and B.
CSN11670 Penciclovir 39809-25-1 Penciclovir is a guanosine analogue antiviral drug as a DNA polymerase inhibitor.
CSN16713 Emtricitabine 143491-57-0 Emtricitabine is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor used to treat HIV infection.
CSN16650 Nevirapine 129618-40-2 Nevirapine is an inhibitor of reverse transcriptase which is used in combination with nucleoside analogues to treat HIV-1 infection.
CSN16964 Darunavir Ethanolate 635728-49-3 Darunavir Ethanolate is both an HIV protease inhibitor with Ki value of 1nM.
CSN10912 Entecavir Monohydrate 209216-23-9 Entecavir, an analogue of guanosine, is reverse transcription inhibitor of HBV with EC50 of 3.75 nM in HepG2 cell.
CSN12875 1-Docosanol 661-19-8 1-Docosanol is an inhibitor of lipid-enveloped viruses which can inhibit replication of herpes simplex virus and respiratory syncytial virus.
CSN10348 Atazanavir Sulfate 229975-97-7 Atazanavir Sulfate is a protease inhibitor used as an antiretroviral medication to treat and prevent HIVAIDS.
CSN11329 Lopinavir 192725-17-0 Lopinavir is an antiretroviral of the protease inhibitor class, as well as an inhibitor of P-Glycoprotein, Cytochrome P450 3A and Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptide 1B1.
CSN12573 Gatifloxacin 112811-59-3 Gatifloxacin inhibits DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV in bacterial. It is an antibiotic of the fourth-generation fluoroquinolone family.
CSN12762 Idoxuridine 54-42-2 Idoxuridine is an analog of deoxyuridine that inhibits viral DNA synthesis.
CSN12481 Adefovir 106941-25-7 Adefovir is a NRTI used for treatment of hepatitis B and herpes simplex virus infection.
CSN16451 Triclabendazole 68786-66-3 Triclabendazole is a benzimidazole carbamate anthelmintic which can bind to beta-tublin and inhibits protein synthesis.
CSN12559 Tenofovir 147127-20-6 Tenofovir is an antiretroviral drug known as nucleotide analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs), which block reverse transcriptase, a crucial virus enzyme in HIV-1 and HBV.
CSN12977 Ganciclovir 82410-32-0 Ganciclovir is a potent inhibitor of viruses of the herpes family, working as a competitive inhibitor of deoxyguanosine triphosphate (dGTP) incorporation into DNA and preferentially inhibits viral DNA polymerases more than cellular DNA polymerases.
CSN13003 Itraconazole 84625-61-6 Itraconazole is a relatively potent inhibitor of CYP3A4 with IC50 of 6.1 nM, used as a triazole antifungal agent.
CSN10748 Dapivirine 244767-67-7 Dapivirine is an inhibitor of HIV reverse transcriptase with IC50 of 24 nM which is effective for many types of viruses.
CSN11312 Liranaftate 88678-31-3 Liranaftate is an inhibitor of squalene epoxidase with anti-fungicidal effects.
CSN11981 Sanilvudine 3056-17-5 Stavudine, a nucleoside analog, inhibits reverse transcriptase of HIV.
CSN12729 Rilpivirine 500287-72-9 Rilpivirine is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) with anti-HIV effect.
CSN16717 Amprenavir 161814-49-9 Amprenavir is a protease inhibitor used to treat HIV infection which can form an inhibitor-enzyme complex with HIV protease.
CSN18777 Telbivudine 3424-98-4 Telbivudine selectively inhibits hepatitis B virus (HBV) reverse transcriptase and is used in the treatment of hepatitis B infection.
CSN11741 Pleconaril 153168-05-9 Pleconaril is a capsid inhibitor used previously to treat enterovirus infections. Pleconaril is effective in inhibiting replication with an IC50 of 50 nM.
CSN20013 Alternariol 5-O-Methyl Ether 23452-05-3 Alternariol monomethyl ether displays antifungal, DNA strand-breaking and phytotoxic activity and inhibits actions of topoisomerase II in mammalian cell models.
CSN19799 Dexelvucitabine 134379-77-4 Dexelvucitabine is a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor potentially for the treatment of HIV infection.
CSN13079 Rubitecan 91421-42-0 Rubitecan is an oral topoisomerase inhibitor.
CSN15786 Oseltamivir Acid 187227-45-8 Oseltamivir acid is an active metabolite of oseltamivir, which is a potent and selective inhibitor of influenza A and B virus neuraminidases.
CSN17607 Tenofovir Maleate 1236287-04-9 Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate is a nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor to treat HIV and chronic Hepatitis B.
CSN11011 Fiacitabine 69123-90-6 Fiacitabine is a selective inhibitior of DNA replication of herpes simplex virus (HSV) with IC50 values of 2.5 nM and 12.6 nM for HSV1 and HSV2, respectively.
CSN20343 Bictegravir 1611493-60-7 Bictegravir is a potent, unboosted, once-Daily HIV-1 Integrase Strand Transfer inhibitor (INSTI) (IC50 - 1.6 nM) with improved pharmacokinetics and in vitro resistance profile.
CSN10163 Clinafloxacin 105956-97-6 Clinafloxacin is a fluoroquinolone that inhibits both DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV dually in Streptococcus pneumoniae.
CSN11199 Indinavir Sulfate 157810-81-6 Indinavir sulfate is a potent and specific HIV protease inhibitor that appears to have good oral bioavailability.
CSN10772 Dequalinium Chloride 522-51-0 Dequalinium Chloride is a PKC inhibitor with IC50 of 7-18 M, and also a selective blocker of apamin-sensitive K channels with IC50 of 1.1 M.
CSN21871 Alimemazine Hemitartrate 4330-99-8 Alimemazine Hemitartrate is an acridine derivative with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
CSN20241 BMS-986001 634907-30-5 Censavudine is a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor that is active against HIV resistant to both abacavir and tenofovir, making the drug a candidate for people with multi-drug resistant (MDR) strains of the virus.
CSN10908 Enoxacin 74011-58-8 Enoxacin is a broad-spectrum 6-fluoronaphthyridinone antibacterial agent.
CSN20463 Laninamivir Octanoate Hydrate 1233643-88-3 Laninamivir octanoate is a neuraminidase inhibitor that exhibits clinical efficacy for both treatment and prophylaxis of influenza virus infection, resulting from hydrolytic bioactivation into its pharmacologically active metabolite laninamivir in the pulmonary tissue.
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