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Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Information
CSN19835 ML266 1462267-08-8 ML266 is a glucocerebrosidase activator and a non-inhibitory chaperone of glucocerebrosidase.
CSN21251 Gcase activator 1 1919820-28-2 LTI-291 a extract from patent WO 2017192841 A1 is an activator of glucocerebrosidase Gcase for treatment of Parkinsons disease
CSN26655 Afegostat D-Tartrate 957230-65-8 Afegostat, aslo known as Isofagomine, and AT2101, was an experimental drug for the treatment of certain forms of Gaucher's disease. Isofagomine (IFG) is an acid β-glucosidase (GCase) active site inhibitor that acts as a pharmacological chaperone. FG inhibits GCase with K(i) ~30 nM for wild-type and mutant enzymes (N370S and V394L). Administration of IFG (30 mg/kg/day) to the mice homozygous for GCase mutations (V394L, D409H, or D409V) led to increased GCase activity in visceral tissues and brain extracts.
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