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Epigenetics Compound LibraryCatalog No. CSN-L1008 Offered in 96-well racks with Matrix storage tubes

Epigenetics Compound Library contains 311 compounds targeting on proteins involved in Epigenetics pathways, such as HDACs, HATs, Dnmts, etc.

Size (Pre-dissolved in DMSO or powder) Price Stock
1mg/well (powder) USD 7395 in stock
100μL/well (10mM solution) USD 3707 in stock
250μL/well (10mM solution) USD 6170 in stock
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Description & Advantages

  • A collection of 311 compounds for HTS and HCS, targeting on proteins involved in Epigenetics pathways, most of which can regulate methylation or acetylation modification.

    A good tool for understanding the function of and relationship between different modification of DNA and histone, as well as the role of Epigenetics in biology and diseases.

    A useful drug library for discovery and optimization of small molecular compound combination for cell reprogramming.

    High quality validated by HPLC and NMR.

    All compounds are in stock and continuously updated.

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